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A SHARP LAWYER by: Abolaji O.
A lawyer defending a man accused of theft tried this creative defense: "My client merely inserted his arm into the window and removed a few small items. joke

A Nigerian Journalist Chats With God by: Anon
Dear God, thank you for inviting me to your golden palace. I love it here already. I wish I could stay forever. Maybe, I can get a contract to build one joke

Airport Crime Test by: Anon
A study was conducted recently to determine the average crime rate at international airports around the world. The study made use of an ordinary looking joke

Money Problems by: Anon
Last Sunday in church, everybody was praying as usual. Telling God his or her own problem. On one end was a young girl. She was very agitated. Shouting joke

Superman Bachelor by: R. Okosun
There was this very rich Ibo man in Nnewi who had only one daughter. When the daughter was of marriage age, the father sent news around town that all joke

In a Minute by: K. Akowonjo
A Nigerian was meditating quietly on his bed one morning. During the meditation, he decided to talk to God. He asked God, "How long is million years joke

Ancient Chinese Torture by: Anon
A naija man found himself lost and wandering in a forest. After a few hours trying to find his way, he came upon a small house. He knocked on the door joke

12 Pack by: Anon
A naija man and his son go into the store when they happen to walk past the condom aisle. The very inquisitive son asks his father why there are so many joke

Hole In One by: Anon
There was this naija guy who was attending a meeting in France. He didn't speak much French. He met a woman and that night they had their own meeting. joke

Lagos is Strange by: Mike Mike
Oh give me a home, where the nightfighters* roam And the area boyz* they hold sway Where often is heard a disparaging word And the beer is all cloudy joke

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