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Who the Hell is Taribo West?
Submitted by: Unknown
Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown were arguing about who the best dancer was. They agreed that when they go to heaven they would decide.

At about the same time, Mariah Carey and Madonna were arguing about who was the greatest prostitute, They also agreed that when they got to heaven, they would decide.

In another part of the states, Busta Rhymes (a very ugly man) declared that he was the ugliest man and nobody argued with him.

When they got to heaven, Michael Jackson came out of the door and told Bobby Brown: "you see, I told you I was the greatest dancer"

Then came Madonna and she proudly announced to Mariah "you see I told you I was the greatest prostitute"

Finally, our burst Busta Rhymes. He was visibly shaken and angry. The other four asked him what the matter was. And he spat out angrily "WHO THE HELL IS TARIBO WEST?"

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