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Pontious The Pilot!
Submitted by: E. Ekpo
As a way to find out how much of the class her students understood and remembered, a Bible School teacher asked her pupils to each draw a picture of any story in the Bible they liked.

As she walked around the class to see each drawing, she was fascinated by little Kunle's drawing and wondered which story he was interpreting.

Following is the conversation that took place.

Teacher: Kunle, That is very interesting. What's your drawing about ?

Little Kunle: An airoplane {airplane}, 3 persons and a baby.

Teacher: O.K. Kunle, Very Good. Where in the bible is that story ?

LIttle Kunle: The flight to Egypt!

Teacher: Ah....I see...That's baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary,...emmm, and who is the last person?

Little Kunle: That's Pontius The Pilot! {Pontius Pilate}

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