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Submitted by: Tolu O.
An areaboy once took 20,000 nairia in a bag to a canteen where he went to eat. After a while he went to the toilet forgetting his money on the table where he ate.

He came back to his seat and found out his bag was missing, then it happened, he shouted- "make una return my money before wetin happen for Oshodi happen here again oh,

People were scared seeing how vicious the area boy was looking, he shouted again "if una no want wetin happen for oshodi happen again, make una return my money".

After a while he saw his bag in the corner of the room, obviously drooped by the culprit.

Later , the people now asked him what happened in Oshodi, thinking he killed someone there, to their surprise he said "the last time wey dey steal my money for Oshodi, na waka i waka from Oshodi reach Yaba!"

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